Whether you need just an inch off or an entire new look, we will start with a complete consultation. Great things to bring to a consultation are pictures of hairstyles you like that are styled in different ways. For instance, don’t bring a wavy styled picture if you will never style your hair wavy and vice versa with straight hair. Finding someone in a picture with the same texture of hair as you will also help to have realistic expectations. Also, bring a list of products you use on your hair from shampoo to the last product you use before you walk out the door and everything in between. It is helpful for me to know your commitment to styling your hair. Lastly, think about a time in your life you’ve LOVED your hair. Think about why you loved it. Next, think about times you haven’t loved your hair. Why was that? These things are helpful for me to determine our hair journey from that point on. We will use a variety of tools that best fit your haircut, blow-dry and style so you are ready to walk out the door and tackle the rest of your day. Women’s Haircut I$50 Men’s Haircut I$30 Children’s Haircut (2-12) I$35


Specializing in all faucets of color, I take the time to assess your color needs based on many different areas. Whether or not you need gray coverage, maintenance requirements, skin tone, style and budget are all considered. All over one color or a multi-dimensional look with foils may be right for you. Or perhaps you’d like to step into some of the new and trendy techniques or color palettes. I ensure to take continuing education throughout the year to bring to you the best techniques and strategies to achieve your desired look. During our consultation it is extremely important to disclose any and all hair colors that have been used on your hair previously as well as any allergies you have or medications that you are taking. When bringing photos of hair colors you like, consider filters as well as lighting in the photo as both of those can make hair color look very different that seeing a hair color in normal, every day light.

Single, All Over Colors starting at: $65 Partial Highlights: $85 Full Highlights $105 Added Base Color: $20-30

Balayage starting at: $95 with Base Color $120-$140



JBeverly Hills smoothing treatment is formaldehyde free and lasts 3-5 months making the hair more shiny and smooth. While the cystine bonds are realigned to create smooth hair, protien and other conditioning botanicals are deposited in the hair to condition and improve the style ability of the hair.

Smoothing treatment starting at $150 depending on length and thickness of your hair.

Shampoo and Blowdry’s are nice for a night out on the town or a family Christmas card, or if you need an on location service for your big wedding day, or it’s your prom I’m here to help.

Shampoo Blowdry- starting at $40

Updo’s- starting at $65